Betrayal, forgiveness is?

Betrayal, forgiveness is? 

Treason is defined by the deceit of their husband or wife in love or sexual area. Unfortunately, it is highly likely that some sort of betrayal occurs in all loving relationships, yes that's right I was reading a few articles and show that up to 90% of couples already betrayed their partners. In this article we will cover only the most serious betrayals: those involving feelings and actions in our culture are seen as very threatening to have a healthy and passionate relationship.

A good portion of treachery never comes to the attention of those who were betrayed ("hidden betrayal"). Another part comes ("known betrayal") or betrayed discovers, or she is denounced by others or it is revealed by the traitor himself. I'll explain a little of these two types of treason, which I quoted in the text above.

hidden betrayal 

There are few studies on what happens to the relationship when one or both are cheating or have betrayed before but the other does not. Most of these studies indicates that there is generally a deterioration in the relationship. In cases of occult treachery, the original relationship ends because the coldness of one or both. In another part, the relationship ends because the traitor decides to stay with his mistress. In this case often it ends with the wife and some time later pretends that initiated the relationship with his mistress. In most cases I believe the relationship with the lover ends and is never discovered by anyone who was betrayed.

known betrayal 

When cheating is discovered, it usually produces traumatic effects on those who betrayed and relationships. We will deal here with those measures that can be taken by the traitor you want to save your relationship with companion traída.Muitas times these people want us to do a mooring for the person who was betrayed to forgive and go back to him or her. Or the person who was betrayed her boyfriend want (a) or spouse (a) back, want your love back.

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