signt love at first

sign love at first 

Love at first sight? To me it does not exist. Enough fairytales right? I will give my humble opinion. There's no way a look if you summarize in love, or that a simple exchange of glances summarize in the person you love ... and will not tell who kissed and being madly in love ... it's called attraction, yes, attraction being carried forward may or may not turn into love.
The right term should be called love at first sight, because I do believe in chemistry, attraction, the wishes and desires, which can last the same way or not, it was not last infatuation, but surrender a good time with good times, good conversations and much involvement, oh yes it is love.
Love is a feeling that has to be purchased, or rather cultivated, going from the simplest to the most beautiful things, ranging from a simple message of "good morning, how are you going?" Until those kisses that person gives you and you spend hours and hours thinking and wanting the moment to repeat itself, and that can last forever, is that tingly inside when you see the person or even when talking on the phone.
Love comes with time, comes from within, comes from a pleasant living, the joys and even sorrows, comes from thinking, dreaming and wanting, wanting only that person and nobody else. Love is not when you go to a ballad, several kisses and choose one (a) to call my love and say love you. When you stop to think and realize that not more without that person, oh yes you are in love and now has the love.
I believe that everything in life has a why and that nothing is by chance and that is to be will be, so if you have not found your love, calm your day will come, and if you found it, do not let it get away!


  1. Qual o valor da amarração amorosa ?

  2. Sinto saudades dele, sei q está solteiro mais enrolado com outras mulheres.

  3. meu esposo saiu de ksa e nao me ama mais e que o divorcio maa eu e amo e quero que volte p mim

  4. Será que ele vai voltar pra mim?

  5. Sou casada com uma mulher a tres anos recentimente ela descobriu uma traiçao minha e ficou muito brava e magoada,e estamos separando porque ela diz q nao consegui me perdoa e ta ate conhecendo outra pessoa, eu a amo muito e nao quero fica sem ela !

  6. O meu marido e mais velho do eu ..e ele esta quer separar. ..quer saber o que posso fazer??? Obrigado


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